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AKA The 'Captain Jack Sexes Everyone In Every Fandom Ever' Challenge

When you finish your story, comment here with a link and I'll add it to the master list. You can post them whenever you want, and feel free to look at the request post if you feel like writing something now.

The Master List
atheneunknown wrote Untitled (The X-Files, Mulder)
cupati wrote Paradox (Torchwood, Nansa)
dracothelizard wrote He's Good With His Hands (Doctor Who, Anne Droid)
dracothelizard wrote Meeting the Unexpected (Top Gear, presenters)
eboniorchild wrote The First Thanksgiving (Supernatural, Sam) [WIP]
fade_forever wrote Cynical (One Tree Hill, Peyton)
marag wrote Part of Life's Fascination (Batman, Bruce Wayne)
monimala wrote Taking in the Sights (Passions, Luis, Fancy)
moviegrrl wrote New Friends and Old Enemies 2 (Firefly, Crew)
pipsi_pirate wrote Untitled (O BLAGGARGAG OWL)
puritybrown wrote Vinegar Pistol (Scrubs, JD)
thenewradical wrote A Dame Walked into a Diner (Dead Like Me, Daisy)
truebq wrote Untitled (Andromeda, Seamus Harper)
twitchbell wrote Three Men and a Maserati (Top Gear, Jeremy, James, Richard)
notoriginalname wrote Jack Harkness + Sherlock Holmes 2009 (Sherlock Holmes, Coward, Adler)
imamaryanne wrote 51st Century Pheromones (The Babysitters Club)

Note: I decided to only accept stories that had been inspired by this challenge. So while I'm glad there is more Jack fic out there, I'll only be adding things written for this challenge to the master list.
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